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Why Air Travel is Key to our Economic Recovery

Travel is essential to the American economy and provides an indispensable source for job creation. According to the U.S. Travel Association, the travel industry is America’s seventh-largest employer. It supports a total of 15.6 million domestic jobs, and directly employs 8.8 million workers in every corner of the country, from coastal cities through the heartland. […]


September Air Service Update

At the onset of Covid-19, airline passenger traffic plunged 95% in the U.S. but began to recover in May.  When the Covid cases spiked in July, travel demand stalled for seven weeks.  Labor Day weekend broke us out of that stagnation and the highest number of passengers flew out of ICT since the pandemic hit. […]


Facts about Southwest’s Service to Denver

Beginning September 6, Southwest Airlines will fly nonstop every day to Denver, a major western hub and focus city for Southwest. The airline serves over 60 destinations from Denver. In 2021, Southwest plans to add 16 gates in Denver, thereby allowing them to expand to more destinations. Southwest will also suspend its Las Vegas and […]


You Can Make a Difference

In January 2019, the I Fly Wichita campaign was launched with the goal of strengthening passenger demand in order to attract more nonstop destinations.  Better access to the air transportation system is key to economic expansion.  Airports are the gateway to the nation’s air transportation system and the world’s economy. Air transportation supports tourism, agriculture, […]